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Virginia Beach Guitar Lessons - Chesapeake Guitar Lessons - Private Guitar Classes for Children and Adults


Chesapeake Location : 757-547-1231

VA Beach Location : 757-416-1228

Click for Larger ImageWe Teach Beginning Guitar - Most new students start without ever holding a guitar before coming to their first lesson. Your teacher will work to motivate and guide you. Learning to play guitar, now that's fun.

 We Teach Young Children Guitar - Guitars do come in smaller sizes for younger students, but what is the right age for lessons. It really depends on the child, younger guitar students may not have the hand strength to hold down the strings if they start to early. Please give us a call so we can discuss your options, there really is no right or wrong answer.

We Teach Teenagers Guitar - This is the most common age for starting students. With video games like "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" we've seen even more interest in guitar lessons for teenagers. Teenage stundents are some of the most motivated students because their goal is to form a band and although they won't always admit it they dream about being future ROCK STARS. " You must first have a dream for it to come true."

We Teach Adults and Seniors Guitar - It's never to late to learn guitar, we have talked to adult students that have wanted to take lessons for years but put them off because of busy schedules. Give us a call, lets talk about lessons today.

If you want to play acoustic guitar or eletric guitar, we have the right teacher for you. Rock, country, blues, gospel, jazz and more tell us the style and we will get you started today.



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Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Violin, Vocal, Drums and More!!

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